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Moveandstic Luca - Big Play House with Roof

Moveandstic Luca - Big Play House with Roof


Playhouse with roof

Great play house with many play possibilities. Climbing, hiding, role playing, reading corner - there is no boredom. Since most levels are only 20 cm, even the youngest can climb and play here.

Dimensions: 1.65 x 1.35 x approx. 1.60 m

Luca - Big Play House with Roof

This model contains:

    126x 875097 plate buttons
    46x 875155 tube closure, blue
    42x 875158 pipe closure, red
    36x 875157 tube closure, yellow
    24x 875002 4-arm space coupling, black
    20x 875005 Surface coupling 3-arm, black
    19x 875012 tube 35 cm, red
    19x 875011 tube 35 cm, yellow
    19x 875010 tube 35 cm, green
    19x 875009 tube 35 cm, blue
    18x 875156 pipe closure, green
    11x 875003 Room coupling 3-arm, black
    10x 875021 tube 15 cm, blue
    9x 875024 tube 15 cm, red
    9x 875023 tube 15 cm, yellow
    9x 875022 tube 15 cm, green
    9x 875001 5-arm space coupler, black
    6x 875016 plate red 40x40 cm
    6x 875015 plate yellow 40x40 cm
    6x 875014 plate green 40x40 cm
    6x 875013 plate blue 40x40 cm
    6x 875008 Angle coupling 45 °
    4x 875018 plate green 20x40 cm
    3x 875099 tube 25 cm, blue
    3x 875017 plate blue 20x40 cm
    3x 875007 Surface coupling 2-arm, straight
    2x 875039 elbow yellow
    2x 875037 Pipe bend blue
    2x 875025 tube 25 cm, red
    2x 875004 Surface coupling 4-arm, black
    1x 875151 tube 25 cm, yellow
    1x 875040 elbow red
    1x 875038 pipe bend green

Safety note:
This item is not suitable for children under 3 years.
Small parts can be swallowed by children.
Only for domestic use.
Please note the safety instructions on the assembly instructions.
Construction only by adults.
Use only under adult supervision.
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