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Moveandstic panel 20x40 cm, blue, Set of 2

Moveandstic panel 20x40 cm, blue, Set of 2


Moveandstic panel, 20 x 40 cm

Moveandstic plate with film hinge, 20 x 40 cm. For the elimination of impermissible openings, the construction of stairs, benches and backrests on seating groups. By means of the film hinge can be mounted by simply bending two 90° superimposed plates.

2 blue 20x40cm panels are supplied
  • To attach the plate two plate locks are attached on both sides. Each disk needs 4 disk backups.
  • The pipes used must have a length of 2 x 15 cm and 2 x 35 cm
  • Place plate on pipes
  • Press plate firmly into the tubes
  • Insert fuses on all four corners of the plates
  • Turn fuse 90°
  • Fuse is mounted through the plate, pipe and coupling
Please note:
From a height of 60 cm, according to the standard, no openings between 12 cm and 22 cm may occur, as these head traps represent children. To ensure the safety of your children it is necessary to use plates in these places.

Further safety instructions:
This item is not suitable for children under 3 years.
Small parts can be swallowed by children.
Only for domestic use.
Please note the safety instructions on the assembly instructions.
Construction only by adults.
Use only under adult supervision.
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