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Because of raw material scarcity and high order volume, we are not able to produce.
Single parts are available, while stocks last.
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The newest parts and construction sets for Moveandstic:

New colors for your own design.
Create your Moveandstic model in orange, apple green, magenta and gray!

Extend your models by features in a way not possible before.
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Moveandstic tube 15 cm, gray
1.79 €*
Single part: tube 15 cm, gray
Moveandstic - Furniture Suite with Table and 2 Chairs
174.04 €*
Children's seating group consisting of a table, a chair and a stool.
Moveandstic Atur - play house with dome roof
134.00 €*
This happy play house allows playing, talking and relaxing. Here playing is a lot of fun.
Moveandstic Mila - my little house with slant multicolor
194.00 €*
Moveandstic play house Mila with slide for toddlers - multicolor
Moveandstic pannel 40x40 cm incl. XL pirate steering wheel, color can be chosen
24.04 €*
New-In of 2020 for the extension of your pirate play ship and with more play value. We deliver a 40 x 40 pannel with a pre-assembled ship steering wheel.
Moveandstic panel 40x40 cm, mailbox incl., colors can be chosen
17.04 €*
Novelty of 2020 for extension your play house and for more value of playing. We deliver the pre-assembled mailbox on a 40x40 panel.
move and stic tube cap grey
2.95 €*
move and stic tube cap grey
Moveandstic panel 40x40 cm incl. blackboard film as painting board, standing board
16.49 €*
Novelty 2021 for the extension of your play tower and with even more playing value. We deliver a 40x40 panel with a glued blackboard film.
Moveandstic - Table with Oddments Compartment
144.04 €*
Table with storage compartment. Measures: 85 x 85 x 65cm.
Moveandstic Chair
34.04 €*
The chair is also available in different colours. Other sizes are feasible for an additional charge. Size: 35x35x65cm
Moveandstic Karl - ball pit with bottom - orange - titanium-grey
473.05 €*
A ball pit with around 2000 balls. There are no limits for fun with the ball pit. Measures: 165 x 125 x 125 cm.
Moveandstic Lucy - ball center - multicolor
394.04 €*
The Model Moveandstic - Lucy is a ball center for around 2000 balls and its measures are 165 x 125 x 125 cm. No limits for fun at playing with the balls.
Moveandstic Lucy - ball pit - orange - magenta - titanium-grey - apple-green
394.04 €*
The item Moveandstic - Lucy is a ball pit for an amount of 2000 balls and a measure of 165 x 125 x 125 cm. There is no limit for fun with the ball pit.
Moveandstic - chair in different colors
39.00 €*
Moveandtstic chair suitable for inside and outside Measures: 45 x 45 x 70 cm
Moveandstic tower with slide Teo
244.04 €*
Moveandstic tower with slide "Teo" with platforms and slide. Measures: 245 x 86 x 115 cm
Moveandstic - My first fun house Mona
194.00 €*
Inviting play house for exploring. Measures: 104 x 85 x 137 cm
Moveandstic Alibaba tower with slide
284.04 €*
Moveandstic Alibaba- tower with slide with many platforms Measures: 265 x 125 x 174 cm
Moveandstic Nora - climbing platform with slide for toddlers, RED GREEN BLUE YELLOW
264.04 €*
Climbing platform with many different levels in different hights. Measures: 165 x 154 x 125 cm.
Moveandstic - play-and climbing castle Franz in multicolor
434.04 €*
Moveandstic play castle invites to play and discover with many stairs, paths and two towers. Measures: 134 x 134 x 196 cm
1 to 20 (von 22 products)