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Minka and Fred - Dog sports facility with tunnel jumping ring and jumping wall orange/titanium gray

Minka and Fred - Dog sports facility with tunnel jumping ring and jumping wall orange/titanium gray


Welcome to the exciting world of dog sports with the Move and Stic dog sports facility - a first-class training arena specially designed to meet the needs of your faithful companion! This comprehensive dog sports facility consists of a versatile tunnel, a dynamic jumping ring and a challenging jumping wall. Each element not only offers a lot of fun, but also promotes your dog's physical fitness, coordination and mental agility. The tunnel is not only a place for exciting games of hide and seek, but also an opportunity for your dog to train speed and agility. Made from high-quality, weather-resistant material, the tunnel is stable and safe. The jump ring adds an extra dimension to the game. It encourages your dog to develop his jumping power and overcome obstacles. The adjustable height makes it possible to constantly increase the training and adapt it to your dog's abilities. The jumping wall is the ideal element to improve your dog's obstacle overcoming skills. The different height settings allow the challenge to be continuously adjusted. Made from durable and dog-suitable material, the Move and Stic dog sports facility stands for quality and safety. The bright colors not only make a visual impression, but also create a stimulating training area.

The flexible adaptation of the system makes it possible to customize the training and respond to the specific needs of your dog. This not only strengthens physical fitness, but also promotes mental challenges.

With the Move and Stic dog sports facility, you are not only giving your dog a training device, but also a platform for fun, activity and a close bond between the two of you. See your dog thrive in this challenging and entertaining environment while staying fit and healthy. Turn the Move and Stic dog sports world into your shared adventure playground!

Dimensions: 130 x 405 x 140 cm.
This model is compatible with other items from the Moveandstic range.


This model can be built using the parts supplied - the assembly instructions are of course included. Colors may vary slightly due to stock levels!

Warnings according to EU regulation:

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age when unassembled.
Small parts can be swallowed.
Only use under adult supervision.