infoThe apple-green slide will henceforth be delivered in modern grey.
Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

A multitude of connectors, panels in different colours and sizes, tubes in various lengths and colours, panel, tube and plexi-panel clips and the Moveandstic key.

The most popular expansion for all construction kits: the Moveandstic Slide.

Furthermore you will find the Moveandstic Safety-Set and the aluminium bar here.
Sub categories

The Moveandstic tubes come in 4 lengths and in the Moveandstic colours. Apart from the straight tubes there are the Moveandstic curved tubes.

The various fabric inserts replace side panels and can be used in a variety of ways.

All Moveandstic connectors, used to connect tubes.

Moveandstic panels come in 2 sizes: 40x40 cm and 20x40 cm and in different colours.

Moveandstic slide and accessories: the Moveandstic slide, the slide exit and the set of clips for slides.

The latest additions to the Moveandstic universe: stairs, door, window, roof and crawling tube.

The Moveandstic safety set, panel safety devices and tube safety devices, the Moveandstic aluminum profile and the Moveandstic installation wrench are available here.