The introduction to movement. Here you will find beginner sets for mobilization, as a motor trainer or to expand.

Ideal for kindergartens, sports clubs and schools

Tables and chairs made from Move and stic parts are child-friendly and a lot of fun.

The Moveandstic Pool is a robust paddling pool for kids.

This colorful toddler model offers even the youngest a lot of fun with a happy slide and many climbing opportunities.

These small playhouses offer toddlers a lot of fun and accompany them on their first climbing and slide experiences.

Moveandstic small construction sets, sets for toddlers with toddler slides.

Whether climbing or crawling - these colorful climbing towers offer pure fun. It is guaranteed not to be boring.

These models have everything to make children's hearts beat faster. Here the little ones can romp and romp to their heart's content.

Seating group, table and chairs built from Moveandstic.Even shelves and storage boxes can be built or combined with other Moveandstic construction kits.

Ball baths

Balls for ball pools. Available in mixed colors. The kids love them!

Moveandstic parts and accessories at TikTakToo. Connectors, panels, tubes, slides, safety clips - find all for Moveandstic here.

With the Moveandstic construction sets you can step into the wonderful world of Moveandstic.