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Minka and Fred - Puppy wobble plate orange/titanium gray

Minka and Fred - Puppy wobble plate orange/titanium gray


Welcome your little four-legged friend to the exciting world of agility training with the Move and Stic puppy wobble plate - a fun way to boost your furry friend's agility, coordination and confidence! The agility training wobble plate is specially designed for puppies and is made of high-quality, hard-wearing material that gently adapts to the needs of young dogs. The colorful and child-friendly design makes training not only effective, but also a fun adventure. The wobble plate encourages your puppy to keep his balance as he walks across the bobbing surface. This movement not only promotes physical development, but also strengthens muscles and improves coordination - important elements for your puppy's healthy growth.

The simple assembly of Move and Stic allows you to quickly set up the wobble plate and adapt it to your puppy's abilities. This not only promotes physical fitness, but also mental agility as your puppy takes on the challenge.

With the wobble plate for puppies, you not only create an entertaining training opportunity, but also a positive environment for bonding between you and your dog. Encourage your little puppy to discover the world of agility training and experience fun and success together!

Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 14 cm.
This model is compatible with other items from the Moveandstic range.


This model can be built using the parts supplied - the assembly instructions are of course included. Colors may vary slightly due to stock levels!

Warnings according to EU regulation:

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age when unassembled.
Small parts can be swallowed.
Only use under adult supervision.

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