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Moveandstic diagonal connector 45°, black

Moveandstic diagonal connector 45°, black


Moveandstic diagonal connector 45°

This connector has 2 endings. Stick a tube to one side and a connector to the other. It is used to build roofs with an angle of 45° and ramps. The two little pegs prevent a non-secured panel on the roof from falling down.

The only kit containing this connector is the Moveandstic Basic kit. We therefore recommend buying 6 additional diagonal connectors. It's a worthwhile investment. Kids love to have a colorful roof on top of their construction.

  • Stick the connection 5 cm deep into the tube
  • Place a clip and use the key to turn it 90°
  • Done
  • For your information: Each connection extends the tube of 8 cm.

Number of diagonal connectors 45° in each kit:
  • 4 pieces in Basic

Safety note:
This item is not suitable for children under 3 years.
Small parts can be swallowed by children.
Only for domestic use.
Please note the safety instructions on the assembly instructions.
Construction only by adults.
Use only under adult supervision.
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