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Moveandstic models for toddlers

Moveandstic models for toddlers

The Moveandstic models for toddlers have been specially developed with our toddler slope for sliding and some lower steps for easy climbing and playing.
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Moveandstic motoric trainer mini play house multi color
59.99 €*
Mini play house for toddlers. Encourages the motoric. Measure: 45 x 94 x 74 cm.
Moveandstic - Climbing Structure with 2 Tunnels and Play House
1,009.00 €*
Climbing structure with many possibilities for climbing, hiding and discovering. Dimensions: 3.25 x 1.65 x 1.65 m.
Moveandstic - Construction Kit Uni Sport
154.04 €*
This Moveandstic entry-level kit is designed to promote and develop the motor skills - and of course, a lot of fun in the first climbing and sliding attempts.
Moveandstic - slide for children Toffi
139.00 €*
slide for children with entrance height 80 cm
Moveandstic - my first slide
114.04 €*
slide for children with entrance height of 75 cm
Moveandstic Mila - my little house with slant multicolor
184.04 €*
Moveandstic play house Mila with slide for toddlers - multicolor
Move and Stic - My Little World Playhouse Multicolor
229.99 €*
Move and Stic playhouse My Little World with various ways to encourage your child's creativity. The playhouse also offers the perfect retreat. Dimensions: 94 x 134 x 114 cm.
Move and Stic - Playhouse KASPAR Multicolor
338.99 €*
Playhouse with table, seat and roof. Suitable for any environment. Dimensions: 125 x 85 x 125 cm.
Move and Stic - Playhouse KURT with toddler slope Multicolor
293.99 €*
Move and Stic playhouse for various motor challenges and with toddler slope. Dimensions: 85 x 194 x 105 cm.
Move and Stic - Playhouse HANSI with toddler slide Multicolor
438.99 €*
Move and Stic playhouse with stoop and toddler slide. An eye-catcher for your home. Dimensions: 144 x 205 x 157 cm.
Move and Stic - MARCEL play island with toddler slide Multicolor
303.99 €*
Move and Stic play island with bridge and toddler slide. Promotes motor and physical skills. Dimensions: 125 x 194 x 125 cm.
Move and Stic - Playhouse JONA with front garden and telephone Multicolor
323.99 €*
Move and Stic playhouse with various options for encouraging your child's creativity. Dimensions: 104 x 165 x 137 cm.
Move and Stic - GUIDO playhouse with letterbox and telephone Multicolor
343.99 €*
Your own playhouse as an eye-catcher for your home. With a letterbox and telephone, your child can feel right at home. Dimensions: 125 x 85 x 125 cm.
Move and Stic - Sliding tower FRANKA orange/titanium gray
428.99 €*
Thrills at home. Sliding and climbing fun for every occasion with the FRANKA slide tower from Move and Stic. Dimensions: 154 x 274 x 164 cm.
Move and Stic - Climbing Kuno with telephone function plate yellow/apple green
213.99 €*
House with toddler slide and telephone. Dimensions: 94 cm x 154 cm x 114 cm.
Moveandstic Kletter-Kuno with phone-function-panel yellow/ titanium greyMoveandstic climbing Kuno with telephone function plate Multicolor
Move and Stic - Sorty climbing tower with slide and crawling tube Multicolor
368.99 €*
Climbing tower SORTY with slide and crawling tube from Move and Stic. The perfect climbing tower for at home. Dimensions: 86 x 345 x 105 cm.
Move and Stic play & climbing tower LUNA - play corner Luna - multicolor
223.99 €*
LUNA play corner for toddlers with different levels for climbing and playing - fun for indoors and outdoors.
Move and Stic - Play castle Kinderland multicolor
1,693.99 €*
Play castle Kinderland from Move and Stic with different levels, castle tower and slide. Climbing, crawling and romping for your home. Dimensions: 245 x 254 x 254 cm.
Move and Stic - Playhouse with front garden LYNN Multicolor
263.99 €*
Move and Stic playhouse LYNN with front garden for your child. Suitable for indoors and outdoors. Dimensions: 85 x 165 x 85 cm.
Move and Stic - LEON play center with steering wheel, board and telephone Multicolor
153.99 €*
Move and Stic play center for many different motor and developmental tasks for children. Dimensions: 85 x 94 x 114 cm.
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