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Moveandstic pannel 40x40 cm incl. XL pirate steering wheel, color can be chosen

Moveandstic pannel 40x40 cm incl. XL pirate steering wheel, color can be chosen


Either for the pirate ship or the play house.
Now the children can build even more diverse with Moveandstic. Totally new in our assortment is the 40 x 40 cm panel with the pre-assembled ship steering wheel.
The fixing happens normally with our panel buttons by Moveandstic (not included to the scope of supply) - the screw connenction is prescirbed by us so (screwing is vertical left and right). We recommend to start with this pannel if you want to place more panels. 


Attention: please tell us what color you want! Please tell us the color of the steering wheel (red, grey or blue) and of the 40 x 40 panel. Additionally please tell us 2 alternative colors if your favorite color is not avaiable.

Montage: 40x40 panel: used tubes need to have a lenghts of 4 x 35 cm 
              panel laying on tubes 
              pushing in the panel to the tube 
              panel button (security) pushing in to every four edges and turning by
 90° - secures the panel

Informationen to the pirates steeling wheel for play towers 
material:   synthetic
Measures: outside diameter with handles: 48 cm 
                outside diameter without handles: 40 cm
                deep: 9 cm
The steeling wheel is making noises when turning (Tick,Tick,Tick).

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