infoThe apple-green slide will henceforth be delivered in modern grey.
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Moveandstic plate 40x40 cm red incl. yellow mailbox with red lid

Moveandstic plate 40x40 cm red incl. yellow mailbox with red lid


The mail was here!

Now the kids have the possibility to rebuild theit Moveandstic model even more. Absolutely new in our assortment is the pre-assembled mailbox on a 40x40 panel. 

The fixing happens normally with our pannel buttons by Moveandstic (not included to the scope of supply) - the screw connenction is prescirbed by us so (screwing is vertical left and right). We recommand to start with this pannel if you want to place more pannels.

Delivered: 1 x red 40x40 plate with mounted Yellow mailbox with red cover!

Montage: 40x40 pannel: used tubes need to have a lenghts of 4 x 35 cm 
              pannel laying on tubes 
              pushing in the pannel to the tube 
              pannel button (security) pushing in to every four edges and turning by
 90° - secures the pannel

Informations about the mailbox for play towers:  
  • Measures: 250 x 226 x 136 mm
  • child-friendly use 
  • consist of long-lasting plastic 
  • wood screws 3 x 20mm incl. 
  • extremly weather-resistant 
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