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Moveandstic Plexi Panel 75x35 cm

Moveandstic Plexi Panel 75x35 cm


Moveandstic Plexi Panel

Moveandstic Plexiglas pane as wall plate. This gives your construction more light and transparency. Playing children within a facility can thus be better observed or see through. The acrylic sheets are supplied with 4 fuses Art. No. 875076 fixed (not included).

  • Insert the fuse into the pipe above and below the plate to be mounted
  • Insert the assembly key with the narrow side of the key into the slot of the fuse
  • Turn fuse 90 °
  • Insert plexiglass plate or wooden plate in a thickness of 6 mm into the fuse
  • Fix panels at all four corners with the Moveandstic lock.
  • The best way to do this is to mount the fuses on one side at a slight angle to the outside. Then insert plate. Turn the plate in towards the opposite lock, pushing the side tube up and down. Now push the plate into the fuse here. Then either secure the horizontal or vertical tube next to the plates.
Important note: The acrylic panels may only be used for walls, never as floor panels (the load-bearing capacity is not sufficient for a floor panel). The plates should be mounted exclusively by an adult, not by children. Keep unassembled plates away from children (risk of injury).

Further safety instructions:
This item is not suitable for children under 3 years.
Small parts can be swallowed by children.
Only for domestic use.
Please note the safety instructions on the assembly instructions.
Construction only by adults.
Use only under adult supervision.
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