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Pool and water games

Pool and water games

With the Moveandstic Pool construction set you can construct a paddling pool or a ball pool. Perfect for the summer as a paddling pool and in the winter it is used inside as a ball pool.

The Moveandstic Pool construction set can be combined with other Moveandstic sets or spare parts. For example you can attach a slide from a slide tower.
Euro-Matic balls 500 pieces, 60 mm / Moveandstic balls
75.00 €*
500 different ball colors with a diameter of 60 mm each.
Moveandstic Pool large, 165x125 cm
244.00 €*
Moveandstic pool building set. Also usable as a ball pit.
Moveandstic Pool liner
125.00 €*
Accessory for the self-construction of a pool of Moveandstic parts.