infoThe apple-green slide will henceforth be delivered in modern grey.


The Moveandstic tubes are available in 4 different lengths and in the bright Moveandstic colours. Here we have the following lengths: 15 cm, 25 cm, 35 cm, 75 cm. Of course there are also curved tubes (35x35cm). All colours and shapes can be combined with each other and the friendly colours - blue, green, red, yellow, apple green, orange, magenta and titanium grey - invite you to play.
If you would like to reinforce these tubes, you will of course find the matching aluminium reinforcements in our "Miscellaneous" category
Subcategory of: Parts & Accessories
Moveandstic tube 25 cm, gray
2.19 €*
Single part: tube 25 cm, gray
Moveandstic Tube 25 cm, blueMoveandstic tube 25 cm, greenMoveandstic tube 25 cm, yellowMoveandstic tube 25 cm, redMoveandstic tube 25 cm, orangeMoveandstic tube 25 cm, applegreenMoveandstic tube 25 cm, magenta
Moveandstic tube 15 cm, orange
1.99 €*
Single part: tube 15 cm, orange
Moveandstic tube 15 cm, blueMoveandstic tube 15 cm, greenMoveandstic tube 15 cm, yellowMoveandstic tube 15 cm, redMoveandstic tube 15 cm, grayMoveandstic tube 15 cm, magentaMoveandstic tube 15 cm, applegreen
Moveandstic tube 75 cm, grey
6.99 €*
The grey 75 cm tube from Moveandstic.
Moveandstic tube 75 cm, blueMoveandstic tube 75 cm, greenMoveandstic tube 75 cm, yellowMoveandstic tube 75 cm, redMoveandstic tube 75 cm, green applegreenMoveandstic tube 75 cm, orangeMoveandstic tube 75 cm, magenta
Moveandstic curved tube, orange
7.99 €*
The orange curved tube from Moveandstic.
Moveandstic curved tube, blueMoveandstic curved tube, greenMoveandstic curved tube, yellowMoveandstic curved tube, redMoveandstic curved tube, magentaMoveandstic curved tube, applegreenMoveandstic curved tube, grey
move and stic tube cap grey
2.95 €*
move and stic tube cap grey
Moveandstic tube 75 cm, blue, Set of 2
13.98 €*
Single part: tube 75 cm, blue, 2 pc.
Moveandstic tube 75 cm, green, Set of 2Moveandstic tube 75 cm, yellow, Set of 2Moveandstic tube 75 cm, red, Set of 2
Move and stic aluminium bar, 155 cm
30.05 €*
Aluminum profile as additional reinforcement of the pipes under heavy loads.
Moveandstic aluminium bar, 75 cmMoveandstic aluminium bar, 40 cm
Moveandstic curved tube, blue, Set of 2
15.98 €*
Expand your Moveandstic construction with these bended pipes.
Moveandstic curved tube, green, Set of 2Moveandstic curved tube, yellow, Set of 2Moveandstic curved tube, red, Set of 2