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Moveandstic GESA climbing tower fot toddlers with slide ..

Moveandstic GESA climbing tower fot toddlers with slide - overviewof the color combinations


GESA climbing tower for toddlers with slide

The play and climbing tower GESA offers a lot for the youngest. The many climbing varieties and hiding spots encourages the motoric skills very good.
Even the smallest kids will be able to climb the climbing tower because of the height differences of the single platforms which has the easiest level of difficulty.
The single steps have a height of 30 cm. The slide is easy to reach and invites to a funny sliding party.
The constructions kits GESA is either suitable for indoor but also outdoor.
All Moveandstic items consist out of high quality, ultra violet and recycable synthetic , strong, robust and easy to clean. 
Building with Moveandstic is very easy - the items are just plugged together and secured with special securities. Because of the modular building the constructions are rebuildable all the time and adaptable to every room situations. For having new playing fun all the time all the Moveandstic items are also available single.
For the public use this model can be delivered with aluminium reinforcement for an additional charge.
Please contact us if you are interested into it.