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Climbing and crawling

Climbing and crawling

Construction kit entry-level model for Move and stic with children's slide or incline for toddlers.
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Moveandstic Motoric trainer Pauline
144.04 €*
Motorik trainer Pauline by Moveandstic with black board. Measure: 85 x 85 x 125cm.
Move and Stic climbing frame CHARLY orange/ blue
139.04 €*
Climbing frame with many different challenges. Measure: 165 x 125 x 85 cm.
Moveandstic motoric trainer mini play house multi color
59.99 €*
Mini play house for toddlers. Encourages the motoric. Measure: 45 x 94 x 74 cm.
Move and stic - sports fir titanium grey/ green
547.99 €*
Sports-, climbing- and adventure model by Move and Stic with different athletic challenges. Measure: 305 x 354 x 125 cm.
Moveandstic Kirsten - climbing tower
204.00 €*
Climbing tower with different levels. Measures: 95 x 94 x 194 cm.
Moveandstic Rene - my crawling world Rene with 2 tubes
799.99 €*
This colorful model offers a lot of fun to crawl. Measures: 165 325 x 165 cm.
Moveandstic Frieda -motor boat orange/titanium grey
364.04 €*
Moveandstic Frieda - a real seaman fun. Measures: 157 x 134 x 197 cm.
Moveandstic Sven - play center with door, steeling wheel and phone, multicolor
223.99 €*
Play center by Moveandstic with steeling wheel, door and phone. Measures: 165 x 85 x 85cm.
Moveandstic - Play Structure with Play House and Slide
973.99 €*
Moveandstic model with toddler slide, crawling tube, children's playhouse with roof, door and window. Dimensions: 2.65 x approx. 2.35 x 1.25 m.
Moveandstic Nemo - play house with slide and pattern
154.04 €*
This playhouse offers toddlers a lot of fun and accompanies them on their first climbing and sliding experiences.
Moveandstic - Climbing Structure with 2 Tunnels and Play House
1,009.00 €*
Climbing structure with many possibilities for climbing, hiding and discovering. Dimensions: 3.25 x 1.65 x 1.65 m.
Moveandstic Emil, toddler model
314.04 €*
Perfect for toddlers - to try out themselves, climbing and hiding.
Moveandstic Leni - Climbing Tower with Toddler Slide
334.04 €*
Popular climbing model with slide for toddlers. Dimensions: 1.25 x approx. 2.00 x 1.25 m.
Moveandstic Luca - big play house with roof
444.04 €*
Great play house with many different play possibilities. Climbing, hiding, role plays. reading corner - with this play house a lot of funny things can happen. Measures: 1,65 x 1,35 x ca. 1,60 m.
Moveandstic Ruby tree house - with dome roof consisting out of fabric
274.04 €*
Play house with dome roof consisting out of fabric. Measures: 85 x 85 x 165cm.
Moveandstic Fabian - play house with roof and a slide for small children
344.04 €*
This play house is suitable for the youngest. So they can feel older.
Moveandstic - play-and climbing castle Franz in multicolor
434.04 €*
Moveandstic play castle invites to play and discover with many stairs, paths and two towers. Measures: 134 x 134 x 196 cm
Moveandstic David Blackberry blue red - climbing tower for children
294.04 €*
Even the youngest can climb and feel as a hero who's climbing the tower to resche the princess.
Moveandstic climbing-Max - climbing podium multicolor
234.00 €*
Climbing podium with many different levels. Measures:165 x 85 x 125 cm.
Moveandstic Fabian - play house with roof and toddlers slide red-apple green
334.99 €*
This play house is suitable for the youngest. Here they can feel like the big one's.
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